Wednesday, October 17, 2007


This is a Yellow Tang. The "tang" is from the white barb at the base of it`s tail.
It is extremely sharp & forward facing. It will swim towards you & turn at the last second , slashing you with it.
On Planet Earth, a bunch of surprises including one from the garden called a "Blue Tailed Skink".
There`s also some medicinal pot, brand name Purple Erckle.
In the header & clicked to it, a few shots taken a la Olivia, from the car window.
A large spider I walked into last night & my Comet/ Marine Betta, the polka dotted dancer.
A hodge podge of things for you to wander with during your day.
Please have a peaceful one.
Thank you.


NDD said...

Oh boy oh boy is that a bright one!

I'd better go see what's behind the links.

btw, I'm barely able to read the text, unless I don glasses and rub my snout on the monitor! Might just be me however, as I do miss a few on the color chart tests.

NDD said...

Hey, KH, what the heck is that little critter in the hands? Quite the color scheme he's got there!

AndiF said...

Wow, wonderful!

I don't know how you are able to do any work -- I don't think I'd be able to tear myself away from the tanks.

I'm having the same problem as NDD -- the text is very light.

Nancy P said...

Whoa, so innocent looking and so lethal.

Little Night Light.

Knucklehead said...

I messed up without noticing the text color change. Thanks for the 'heads' up.
The little lizard is from the garden. A "Blue Tailed Skink" .
I haven`t seen one in over 25 years, & it was quite a surprise when Teri found it. It`s back in the garden.

Knucklehead said...

The tanks are quite hypnotic actually. There`s always something going on, no matter when. I don`t think I could ever get indifferent about them.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy p,
I`ve seen this tang fight with a new addition. It`s a very effective weapon. Fish feel threatened at times by other fish for a variety of reasons. Sometimes it`s the food source. Another fish with the same long snout as the Tang, could be a challenge to it`s food source. They both use their snout to reach into crevasses in search of food. Other fish with the same colour may pose a breeding challenge even though there would never be a danger of cross breeding.
It`s a strange underwater world I constantly am amazed by. Thank you.

AndiF said...

Those skinks are common around here but we call them five lined skinks. Here's a couple of them I came across in a pile of wood I was stacking.

Knucklehead said...

Hi Andif,
I didn`t want to be mistaken, but I remembered you posting them on BooMan`s. I sent in a pic of mine & we discussecd geographic range. I just wasn`t sure if it was you I was discussing them with. As I said, even though we have many lizards around, I hadn`t seen one of theses in many years & didn`t know if they were still around. It was a lovely surprise & also the fact that it was that small, they are obviously breeding. And that`s good news.

olivia said...

That yellow is beautiful.

Knucklehead said...

When someone gives you yellow,
make yellowmanade.
Hah, I kill me. Thanks Olivia.
Have a great week-end.