Wednesday, October 10, 2007


Due to a technical error this post is retroactive to midnight.
This is a giant cup or "Elephant Ear" in the process of cloning.
Beyond it, is an image or two pertaining to Olivia`s question of Anemone movement. The images now show the anemone at the waterline. From "WALL SCONCE" to the waterline, could take as little as 5 mins. or as long as months.
Have a sunshiney day, & reserve some time fore play. Please.


Man Eegee said...

Beautiful. I love the mixing of these colors, it is among my favorite of compilations.

Nancy P said...

(I tried posting earlier, but it turned its back on me. Sniff.)

Wow! she said intelligently.

Hi, Manny. ;)

olivia said...


Purplelicious is right, Nancy.


Knucklehead said...

This is taken at night when some of the corals fluorecse.

Knucklehead said...

Nancy p,
I had a little trouble with some functions on my set-up here.
I finally remembered I had dropped something last night, which hit a switch, that shut off a power strip that lit the fuse that burnt the curtain.....
I should have stopped at the fuse part. hah, it was just so simple, but I went through everything to find the problem.
Please don`t think it was personal. hah

Knucklehead said...

Olivia I don`t care if it looks purpley delicious, I AM NOT EATING IT.

olivia said...

LOL Head!