Thursday, October 18, 2007


This clownfish is checking out the reef crest. There are more of his explorations beyond . On Planet Earth an extremely embarrassed Tomato clown blushes & there`s a bit of guilt while a Marroon clown gets some pointers from a Tang on how best to approach a squirming female Elephant Ear.
Have a nice weekend, please.


NDD said...

Wow, on the 10x14 that's trippy cubed, as per my comment under that one, I'd for sure have that one up on the wall somewhere.

Very nice selection of clown shots. They all seem so cherubic, does that match their character too?

It's Dave... let me in!!!!!

AndiF said...

I agree with NDD, 10X14DSCN9053 looks like someone's really amazing acid trip. What can I say but far out, man

olivia said...

Really fun photos the last couple of days Head. I love the one w/ his head in the elephant ear (I think it is). :)

And the galaxie fish as coined by ND.


Family Man said...

Hi Head.

I don't know what everyone is going on about the 10X14. That's the way I see things all the time.

While I was staring at Cruzin the Hood, I kept thinking this isn't an aquarium shot. With the black background, it looks like it was taken deep in the ocean. Wonderful shots Head.

Knucklehead said...

I was going to post it upside down for kicks.
The clownfish, at least this species, does seem to have a "cherubic" character, but I suspect some may have a cherubic`s cube one also.
Dave who?

Knucklehead said...

"Far out, man," I want those days back, along with, "Peace, man".

Knucklehead said...

Olivia, that`s not the Elephant`s ear. It`s called an Elephant Ear.
And don`t put that little innocent smile emoticon there either. I can see right through that. You know you`re a brat, right.
Good one Olivia, & Thanks

Knucklehead said...

FM, The whole point of trying to take the shots I do, is to give that illusion. There is almost no difference between being in a tank or being in the wild, as far as the fish are concerned. The fact that you see it this way is a compliment. Most reefers strive to eliminate the false confinement.Most all of my fish would never venture farther than the space I provide in the tanks.
I try & keep fish that are territorial or that pick a cave or coralhead as their spot. They do exactly this in the wild, without the confines of a see-through box.

Family Man said...

Hey Head.

I saw on the news about the fires out in Malibu. I hope everyone out there is alright and the fires aren't getting near you.

Take care.

Knucklehead said...

I have a post coming up in 5 mins. We`re all safe here, but the church is gone & Hodge`s castle among landmarks. Thanks for asking.