Friday, October 5, 2007


 VASE 1 DSCN2468
Here are a few images I`m working on. The car wreck, I still have to select more green of the same plants that are growing out of the car. It`s tedious work. The Malibu Pier Coastline, I`m working on shooting it with the reflected flag in it.
I don`t want to ruin the flag, but it sure would be nice if it had a small hole in it for the lens.
I also included a taped version of the clam shell for NDD.
NDD, my estimate of your estimate being off, was correct. It is 36" across.
Please have a great thanksgiving. That goes for you too, Olivia.


AndiF said...

Good morning. I like the atmosphere you've created for that shot -- somewhat mysterious yet calming.

Happy Thanksgiving to O and any other Canadians who drop by.

Knucklehead said...

I was moving the pot & saw the game felt on the table & the lines from the vertical blinds.
Insert pot & there you have it.
Thanks for the Thanksgiving Day wishes, from me.

NDD said...

"...My estimate of your estimate being off, was correct. It is 36" across..." KH

Your estimate of my estimate being off, was indeed correct, as 50% greater when starting with my estimate of 24" does yield a measurement of 36".

Amazing! the size of that shell.

If ya put that to your ear you'd hear the ocean for sure, and then likely be engulfed by a wave.

Knucklehead said...

If you put that shell to your ear, you`d have to have SCUBA gear on & be built like the Hulk.
Coming here to respond let me see my new counter.
I didn`t think it loaded, so I did it again.
Now I have to eliminate one.
Yes that is one big chowder clam.

olivia said...

Thanks! :-)