Thursday, October 25, 2007


These images mark the end of a day, the end of a time, the begining of a new night. The dark days of the past are shown in the multiple repairs in the fence. The spirits in the bottles through which many dreams were concocted along with the cocktails of despair, have gone with the wind & hopefully the mended fences will hold. A neglected one never will. I keep fixing the repairs & hope to one day banish even the fence, like the dissipated spirits in my mind. The harshness & spikes of doubt are gone along with the spines of guilt for things I have no direct knowledge of having done. That`s one reason why cactus blooms are so important to me. From gnashing & cutting of needles & pikes the underlying beauty of the blooms overshadows the darkness of the beast. With me the beast was always the bottles & the needles. In these shots I see the light through the bottles whereas in the past I only magnified my troubles when looking at them through the bottom of a glass. Many years have past & don`t you you think the fence looks good.
Here, kids are treated to as much fun as possible. On Planet Earth, you can see to what lengths adults go to scare the children. It`s a fun fear or as they say a "Good Grief".
Hah I love that one. I think Wavey Gravey coined that one.
In the header, an unidentified flower that I caught blooming today. I`d been watching it progress & did not expect this result. I have another I`m watching & hope I`m just as surprised, especially since I already have an expectation of something, which may or may not be, what I see it in the future, to be.


AndiF said...

Very interesting mood set by that shot.

I generally try to avoid being nostalgic but Halloween really brings it out in me. I loved it so much and so find all the limitations that have been put on kids really saddening.

olivia said...

Morning Head, morning Andi.

Deep thoughts for the morning. The photo is fantastic and the fence looks like it's holding up very well indeed ... ;-)

Off for some good grief .....

olivia said...

Oh, and those flowers in the header are gorgeous -- that red colour! Nicely captured.

katiebird said...

Good morning everyone.

Andif, I agree about the sad limitations on kids. Not just with Halloween (why are malls considered safer than the neighbors we live with?)

But, in their everyday lives.

The schools around here have banned skateboards, skates, roller-blades and bikes -- from the school yards (it's a criminal offense). Supposedly to protect the curbs and surfaces from wear and tear. But what are school yards for?

And where are the kids supposed to go for play?

Last weekend there was an article on the TV News: Some guy ranting about kids playing in the rain on a soccer field -- and WRECKING it. They showed the field in question. It was nothing special, just a grassy field.

And it looked like a fun place to splash around.

But, NO -- now it's a crime for kids to play on bare grass in the rain. Because that bare-grass is special Soccer-grass.

More special than our kids. I guess.

(And the rant doesn't stop there even though my fingers are giving out)

Evangeline said...

Yes, your fence looks great. Most fences reflect some level of oppression. Not this one. Its apparent fragility calls more readily to mind the strength of your free (and freed) spirit.

I've come to understand that your photos and reflections are always food for thought. Thanks, KH. And keep the fences up and mended!

olivia said...

Hi Evangeline!

Beth said...

I love the picture, Head. Just love it. Thanks for sharing. Glad you're back at it again.

Evangeline said...

Hi Olivia!

I've just comme back from (well belatedly) celebrating my birthday at Le Petit Bistro. To me, nothing beats fine French cuisine! A rare treat.

dada said...

the fence is obviously not holding anything out…what's it holding in?

that series of photos and your written word brought this to mind:

We join spokes together in a wheel,
but it is the center hole
that makes the wagon move.

We shape clay into a pot,
but it is the emptiness inside
that holds whatever we want.

We hammer wood for a house,
but it is the inner space
that makes it livable.

We work with being,
but non-being is what we use.

tao te ching

olivia said...

Happy belated birthday Evangeline!

I agree w/ you ... delish.

Andie said...

hi, dear kH,
Do you think you see so much beauty now because you saw the beast?

Knucklehead said...

I found these bottles (there are dozens of them), along the fenceline. The fenceline is strange because it doesn`t seem to delineate a property but merely a subdivision of one. Who knows. The bottles are all filled with water(I think) & seem to have been there for years. I don`t think I`ll move them.
As a kid I ignored most limitations & pretty much was encouraged to do so. It seems the only limit we weren`t to cross was the one of respect. Respect for elders, ladies, animals & one`s self.

Knucklehead said...

Good grief Olivia,
Wait till you see the lady in the red dress tonight.
She`s doing a slow blues number under the spotlight in a slow strip. The music is cool too.
I think I happened on to her just as she started to warm up from the sunset.

Knucklehead said...

How true. When we were kids we played in a field. Whatever we wanted to play we played in a field.
In the winter we flooded the field & played hockey. No puck. No problem. A frozen road apple was perfect. ( road apple= frozen horse sh.t from the milk sleigh, [in summer the milk wagon])
A slapshot to the head was proof they were as good as a puck.
Now if you want to play with another kid, the parents must make a "play date".
Holy poo, what`s up with that.

Knucklehead said...

Evangeline, I check em everyday. So far, so good.

Knucklehead said...

Hey Beth, I was shut down for another few days but I`m back up again. What I did in the meantime was continue shooting as if I wasn`t deprived. I imagine it would be the same as your writing. You don`t stop cause your pencil broke or you`re out of paper.
The mind is a timeless machine, It just does not shut down. I`m going to check your word count in a few, to prove my point. Hah.

Knucklehead said...

Nice supplement to my thoughts, dada.
I have something you might like to have. Some recordings from studio time by Elington, (for example) "A" TRAIN. 1969.
The History Of Jazz 4 parts.
These are all on reel to reel tapes. I re-discovered them in my stuff. I`ll email you some details on format . A few other examples, Paul Revere & the Raiders. Iron Butterfly, Plenty of Jazz artists.

Knucklehead said...

The beast is beautiful. I always saw beauty. Sometimes it wasn`t real, but it was still beautiful.
At first there was nothing.
Then god created light.
There was still nothing.
But now you could see it.
Are you still checking off the days?

Beth said...

Glad you're back again, head. If it truly is a passion, you can't help but pursue it. Pen, pencil, crayon, bloody finger. Jen said she used eyeliner on tree bark once. Some days the words end up in my journal or out here in Blogville instead of in my story, but they come out all the same. It's my way of trying to understand the world, to talk it out. Maybe like your pictures...

Andie said...

Hang on as I reach over to cross off day 34!
What I look forward to the most is the time to learn.
I wish we lived close to each other so you could teach me (among all the other reasons I would like to be there). I am missing mostly the basics of my camera but also of the image software. No doubt there is some 13 year-old kid around who could come over and set me straight.
Later, KH
P.S. I have all your photo history to catch up on, so you see, I HAVE to retire.
Salut, Evangeline

Knucklehead said...

You`re right. Words are pictures, as well as pictures, words.

Kidspeak said...

Mended fences - great thoughts, though sad. Mood appropriately red, however.

Glad the air has cleared a little for you.

Knucklehead said...

Everything is fine now.
Did you see the Cowslip under the fence?
I always chuckle at that corny joke.