Tuesday, October 9, 2007


I traded some of my anemones recently, but kept one for reproducing.
This one is the one that remained in my tank where I usually keep them.
For some reason, it didn`t seem to like it`s spot when there were more anemones, so it went & hid behind a piece of equipment. The Tomato Clown finally coaxed it out today, but it attached itself to the back wall, presenting a great opportunity to shoot it without distracting surroundings.
I shot some images for Andif`s Gorgeous Gang, & named them accordingly. Since it`s "Ladies Night" this image is for them.
This one is "WALL SCONCE". Another one is "TABLE BASE".
Have a nice week, & please hope for peace.


olivia said...

Morning Head. I wondered how you got the black background. How long will it remain there?

I hope you've taken some time to relax amidst your busy project work.

Nancy P said...

Wow,that's gorgeous. And I love "Tomato Furniture," lol. Chaise lounge camouflage.

Family Man said...

What they said Head. I'm in a what they said mood today. :)

I like the "Tomato Furniture" too, but in Planet Earth, the "Into-the-magic" picture looks so peaceful, and like a place I'd like to walk.

Knucklehead said...

Olivia, Good day,
I was lucky to have seen the anemone where it was.
It moved more than a foot in 20 mins.
( it also moved it`s tentacles).
When you want to move them, they latch on, but they can move about quite easily on ther own. This morning it`s right up at the waterline.
I won`t be done with numerous projects, that all converged into one timeline, for another three weeks.
Coconut & my tanks are my relaxers, not to mention, concerned friends, thanks. It will be all worth it. You`ll see.

Knucklehead said...

Well, Ms Nancy P,
I`ll see what I can do, towards designing a "chaise lounge" for you. I`ve been trying to capture a shot of it for a little while. It`s more of an Eames style, but very comfortable. The image will be a different Tomato, in a different tank, on a bed of soft massaging fingerlike protuberences, on the top of a flaring mushroom.
I think it`s a winning design. Remember the mental image, & compare, when I get my design shot.
Thank you for encouraging my fantasies.

Knucklehead said...

"INTO THE MAGIC" is a very special place.
You can go there anytime you want.
It`s strange that whenever you walk there, it is like entering a zone of tranquillity. It doesn`t seem to matter the time of day or the kind of weather, it`s always enchanting.

Nancy P said...

Can't wait to see it. :)

Might an Eames chair made of an Anemone be an Eamanemone?

AndiF said...

What a terrific shot.

And the Gorgeous Gang thanks you. :)

Knucklehead said...

I saw the table at the fair, & figured a little competition wouldn`t hurt. Tell the Gorgeous Gang, they`re welcome, please.