Saturday, October 6, 2007


 A STAR IS BORN DSCN2513 This SPS (small polyp stoney) coral is an Acropora.
There are hundreds of these Acroporas but I don`t identify them. Some people can, & some people can`t, but think they do.
If you notice on the center bottom, a small brown patch, is what I recognized on a piece of live rock at an aquarium shop.
I got that rock with a few snails, to at least make a purchase.
Three years later, that patch grew into this beautiful coral. You can see some small hairlike tentacles in the current at the top of the coral.
You may also notice some small yellow dots on it. These are Red Bugs, a small "pod" of some sort that many aquarists freak out over. I don`t let them bother me, as I pretty much keep my reefs as is. I let what happens, happen, if it`s not destructive as far as I`m concerned. Some pests I do eliminate.
On Planet Earth, my good friend Coconut, is nodding off to sleep, after a large plate of ribs we shared.
Have a nice weekend & get some rest, please.


dada said...

hidden treasures, if you know where to look and pay attention, eh.

happy thanksgiving to you and yours!

and be sure to save the bones for [Henry Jones] coconut.


Knucklehead said...

dada, paying attention is what gets one dividends.
Thanks for the recognition of Native North American Genocide Day.
I found out you`re not anonymous.

dada said...

amorphous...perchance, but never anonymous

Knucklehead said...

I just got a letter from my brother. He wondered why I "hostile" (his word).
Then I remembered what had happened.
The other day, an "anonymous poster who I thought was you, (remember the link you posted on Boran2`s art fair. The link turned out to be an image I thought was "your brother".)
So when my real brother commented on the "REVOLTING " post, I mistakenly figured it was you with the same "brother" reference.
That`s why I said you were not anonymous. I just talked to him & sent him a link to your comment from last year.
That`s also why I signed anonymous the other night in the response to Fri. bucket.
My brother had posted anonymously because of a miscommunication between us involing registration.
Maybe this will clear it up.
Hah, what a tangled web, the tubes have become.

glassbox said...
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