Sunday, October 7, 2007


 FLY IN MARBLE SHADOW 3 12x9To get my mind off of current events, I decided to make a traveling machine. I`m testing it with a green fly, not because it`s green, but because it can fly. It just happens to be green.
Ok, uh, oh yes, if the marble does noy fly, the fly will, & thus save itself from destruction.
Myself, being sharp as a marble, just like a post turtle, have not formulated a plan for failure.
The motto is.
If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.
This little piece is not meant to actually fly. It`s only meant for me to learn & you to smile.
I have a Galaxea, on Planet Earth with it`s tentacles extended quite far.
These are called "sweepers" as they will sweep the area, looking for something to kill.
I always have my broom close at hand.
Have a nice week & be careful, not afraid. Please!


AndiF said...

Hey Head,

I had such a good weekend (I spent it with MaryB, Cabin Girl, Second Nature, and IndyLib) that I'm positively optimistic about the success of your traveling machine. :D

Knucklehead said...

That`s terrific about your time with the Gorgeous Gang. I bet the crowd parted as you were coming through.
Your optimism about my travelling machine has encouraged me to further develop it.
I now need 1,586,542 more flies, & I think that`ll do it.

Family Man said...

Hi Head.

That's a wonderful picture. I also like the Betta on planet earth.

BTW the picture of the twin - looking good.

Have a good day Head.

Knucklehead said...

Training the fly to stand on the shadow of the marble was the hardest part.
Actually removing the fly from another shot & getting it`s wings back to their natural transparency was a task. Then I had to create the shadow of the fly. It`s not right, now that I look at it some more, but I`ll overlook it`s faults if you will.
The Marine Betta is definitely a beauty. It will eat out of my fingers, although I target feed him with a baster. Human hands should be kept out of a reef as much as possible.
Twins are made to reflect on each othe; a learning tool.
Enjoy your day also.