Monday, October 29, 2007


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As I mentioned a few posts back, someone we know has lost her brother. I didn`t mention Kidspeak`s name for my reasons. Kidspeak & Teach have been very nice to me & I know are both well regarded in our gang. I`m dedicating this sunrise to both Kidspeak & Teach so you all may reconnect with your friends also.
I also put a little group of shots for them on Planet Earth. They are from Teri`s new Reef Garden.
This is from Kidspeak a few minutes ago. & my response.
Hi, Head,
We're back in motor city now. I'm sad that Teach and I weren't able to see you - but the circumstances were pretty bad. We are glad you are safe, and we hope the beasts around you are also ok.

My brother did die (not sure if Teach told you that), and with Malibu evacuated, we were shuffled around. Hard to believe he went down so quickly, less than a week from teaching his last class. I know that people are much more important than animals, but the cat crawled up into my brother's chair and howled at one point once we got back into the house.

We saw some terrible fires - best view, ironically, from the hospital. We did make it into Malibu via Kanin, eventually. Fire came down about 50 years ( yards, my edit) from their house, but not much was hurt.

Still, a downer trip all the way around.

It's been a hard fall - I'm not coherent yet from loss of sleep, and Teach is as demoralized as I from various vexations locally.

I do enjoy your pictures and comments. Thanks for the beauty.

(Oh, it was fine had you used our names when you mentioned us a few days ago. We know most of the folks who comment here one way or another.)

October 29, 2007 9:56 PM
Knucklehead said...
Thank you so much Kidspeak,
I wanted to protect your privacy. I know many of the people here & I are all mutual friends & always have thought highly of you both. I`m also sorry we didn`t meet, especially since we were so close geographically. I`m very sorry for your loss & would not know how to even feel, if I lost one of my brothers. I`ve lost the mother of my daughter when she was almost three & time does temper things, but again, that was many years ago. My daughter is now 26. It doesn`t go away though. Good memories are a big help in overcoming sorrow.
May we sometimes meet. Maybe on a moonlit night. I think of you guys everytime I see your flight overhead. "Kidspeak`s Flight".


AndiF said...

Sending love, sympathy, and a fervent wish for an easing of the pain to kidspeak and teach.

I was going to say that I'm in your neck of the woods, Head, but since I'm in the San Jose area, I suppose eyebrows might be a better anatomical choice.

olivia said...

I'm so sorry Kidspeak and Teach. Sending love and thoughts and sincere condolences.

{{{{Hugs to you both}}}

Good morning Head, Andi.

Family Man said...

Kidspeak and Teach I'm so sorry to hear about your loss. Sending good thoughts to you and hoping your healing will come soon.

Kidspeak said...

Words fail, KH.

Mil gracias.

Jen said...

Kidspeak & Teach, I'm so very sorry for your loss. Condolences.

Nancy P said...

Kidspeak and teach, I'm so sorry. The story of the cat makes my heart ache.


Puget4 said...

Hello Kidspeak and Teach. I am so sorry for your loss. We are all such frail creatures and yet we feel we are indestructible until a loss such as yours comes along. Then we realize we must cherish each moment and hold our memories dear as we move along into the future. I still miss my parents even though they've been gone over 30 years. You have a little precious spot in you that was filled with your bother. That spot is still there and you can visit it whenever you want to.

Take care and hold onto each other.

dada said...

presence vanishes
memories stay forever

may your brother remain immortal in your hearts.

my sincere condolences and hopes of peace and blessings in the difficult days to come.

Knucklehead said...

To all who have & are thinking of responding to Kidspeak & Teach, thank you so much for helping me address their situation. It helps to ease my helplessness having you all here for them. Kidspeak, no thanks necessary.

Iowa Victory Gardener said...

I've been so out of the loop lately I just now learned of your loss Kidspeak and Teach. And what a horrid trip that must have been for you both ... please rest yourselves and begin the recovery process as you see fit. My kindest thoughts and condolences to you. Think of the spring columbines and the renewal they will signal ...

CabinGirl said...

Kidspeak and Teach, I'm so sorry to read about your loss. I know how it feels to lose a brother, and I hope you have many happy memories of him to help you through this.